Our Work


Together with our client we define objectives and prioritize according to timing, feasibility, and budget. We then create a custom design that meets the objectives. When implementing designs we take care to identify and source quality and site appropriate resources. And we work together to review the quality of our work.   

Create unique seasonal and container displays per each client’s specific site requirements, budget, and taste.

•  Short and long-term gardens and grounds management

•  Garden bed maintenance, weeding, deadheading, fertilizing, staking, pruning, shaping, and transplanting

•  Integrated Pest Management

This service is for existing beds that need updated and revitalized, but not completely re-done. We reconfigure usable existing plant material and bring in complementary new plants.

Mulching conserves soil moisture, improves fertility and health of the soil, reduces weed growth and enhances the visual appeal of the area.


“Karlyn Green and Sassafras Land Design do a wonderful job on our flowers here at Fairlawn Country Club. From the planning, plant selection, and planting, the operation is top notch. Karlyn and her staff are very courteous and professional when they are on site and are also eager to help out with any questions or problems with the gardens. They design and plant all of our beds, pots, and hanging baskets. They also do a fabulous job with the mulching of our beds. Our membership loves the fact that we have contracted this all out so my staff can concentrate on tasks on the golf course. I would highly recommend Karlyn Green and Sassafras Land Design for all your flower and mulching needs.”
— Mark Conner, Golf Course Superintendent at Fairlawn Country Club


“I made the decision to hire Sassafras Land Design in the spring of 2016 and I am very pleased with the decision. From planning to execution, their friendly, neat, and experienced staff has exceeded my expectations. Our members are very complimentary of the plant selection and the overall appearance of our gardens. I look forward to working with Sassafras for years to come.”
— Tom Bolon, Golf Course Superintendent at Lake Forest Country Club


“Sassafras is a truly exceptional  firm and we are fortunate to have them as a service provider. They clearly “get” the nuance of what running a great business entails — they are exceptional amongst their peers, they understand how to deliver exceptional service and problem solve on their feet.  As a property owner, I can say that Sassafrass is one of the few vendors we work with that go beyond the functional benefit of the services they provide; their work actually adds value to our properties.”
— Jesse Grant, Owner of J Rock Development