Our Story

My Roots

I’ve always had a sick love for mowing the lawn, yard work and moving earth. Whether it was building rows and fences for the vegetable garden, trying to install steps, or pruning our rhododendron; this passion found its way into my studies in college. I earned a degree in horticulture and design with a minor in fine art from THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY. (GO BUCKS!). Throughout my young adult life I found myself working for small businesses in the green industry and I was always the one asking lots of questions. I love the small business world and have so much respect for all of the leaders who patiently answered my questions and gave me opportunity to learn and grow.

Sprouting Sassafras

Sassafras was born out of my drive to be an entrepreneur and to do it successfully in an industry that I love. In 2014, after working with one country club for a few seasons as their in house horticulturalist, I was ready to branch out and do more. Not being willing to let go of them because they had  become very special to me, I created a proposal to continue the work I was doing for them but on my own. They accepted the proposal and I have been working with them in this capacity ever since.

Growing Our Business

Each year SLD has doubled in size. We have refined our process and the menu of services and have come to understand who our clients are. For the most part, they are just like us; hard working and genuine. They all, in various applications and in a range of budgets,  want to see more beauty in their environment. That’s where we step in. Our motto is “more flowers, less headaches.”

Bloom Booster Goals

  • Add 2-3 country clubs or similar accounts each year
  • Add 3-4 new high end residential maintenance accounts
  • Double design/install services
  • Hire and train more staff, provide formal horticulture education opportunities
  • Become the leader in all seasonal display and potted plants.

Cultivating Plants & People

Our team is selected and trained to deliver on this promise with a genuine care for each client. The sassafras team is cultivated and each member is integral to our excellence in service. Tied with my passion for plants is my passion for people — it is what inspires me most. Our vision states that we are cultivating a vibrant company with passionate and knowledgeable plant people. I want to help my team grow both professionally and personally through engagement with plants, education, and advanced training. I feel I owe it to them because whenever I was  given the opportunity to learn more about plants or design through employers or school, I always took it. Because of this I am a pretty well rounded gardener and I want the same for my people.

Our Leadership Team

Karlyn Green,
Owner & Designer

“Sassafras is a dreamboat. I consider myself lucky to be the steward. My people and all the plants keep me inspired and laughing. I love what I do.”

Favorite flowers:
Ranunculus & Daffodil

Alison Chessmore,
Crew Leader

I love being a part of the progressive, encouraging and collective team that is Sassafras Land Design. Working along with Mother Nature, helping to create and maintain beautiful landscapes is all in a day’s work.

Favorite flower: Dahlias